The long and short of it: For one year, I will commit to logging every run. It so happens to be my 26th year, the same number of miles in a marathon.


A bit on me: I’m Mel. I recently uprooted from New York and replanted in San Francisco. I studied creative nonfiction at Columbia. I’m really close to my family, and started running after watching my dad commute to work on foot. I’ve run four marathons: Philadelphia, Boston, New York, & Chicago. My personal best time is 3:19:50.


This blog will act as a functional running log, and I will be training for a marathon at one point (here’s looking at you, CIM), but most posts will not be about running. I’m interested in the idea of practice, the link between physical health and mental health, the little flaws that make us human, and the relationships¬†that make life worth living. I also really love music, so I’ll be gracing these pages with some recommendations. You’re quite welcome.


I’m grateful you’re here. Please do reach out in the contact section if you’d like to say hello.